The Land of Bad Ideas

First, the good news. I just bought The Land Of Bad and will now be using it for this blog.

Now, the bad news.You probably shouldn’t read this blog. It’s full of bad ideas.


And being the contrarian that I am, I’m going to ignore the fact that these are bad ideas and, well, try them out.

For starters, this is about the seven bazillionth domain name I’ve bought, thinking to start yet another killer blog. But then it’s hard to sustain content for all these blogs. Smart life coaches, people like Nina Amir, will tell you that you should focus on a topic or two (well, three if you must), and then develop a followership (is that even a word? Soundlike a bad idea for a word.)

That’s what smart people do. But, alas, I’m not smart. I have too many interests for my own good. So, here we go again. But I do have a work-around that may help. I’m actually partitioning my one blog into streams of ideas/consciousness/multiple personalities to have a place where different themes can be explored but tagged, categorized, in ways that allow readers to side-step those things they don’t care about and focus on those they do.

This is a bit tricky to do on a blog, but I’m going to try using some tools I’ve found that allow me to differentiate content and even make the different content look different. It’s possible to have multiple themes on the same website courtesy a handy-dandy plugin. We’ll see if this works, and if it does, we’ll see if the plugin works over the long haul. I’ve found that often a plug-in I love croaks when a newer version of WordPress rolls out, and the developers disappear in some sort of rapture-like ascension to a higher level of software awareness and development. That’s the problem with freeware, I think. You can’t expert people do dedicate their lives to maintaining a no-cost product.

Mother Teresa’s descendants don’t do software, unless you count the open-source community.

Anyway, I hope to provide a website that will offer you all a variety of content and me opportunities to explore different topics and themes. We’ll see how this works.

But it may just be one more bad idea.