Photo of Author-Educator Robb Lightfoot

Yet another blog about blogging?

Please, no!

But, check it out. This blog has a very specific design philosophy and technical view. If you agree, then you should read on. If not, then do look elsewhere. It’s an entrepreneurial. That is, you should be able to beta-test something and bail or scale rapidly.

Blogging should be fun, affordable sustainable, and not chew up every minute of your free time. You should be able to start small and test an idea without investing every dime you have. If it works, then what you’ve laid down should be able to grow and not have built-in design flaws or obsolescence.

That’s my view.

My name is Robb Lightfoot, and I’ve run, failed, and folded up numerous blogs. I’m also a teacher with years of experience in communication, media and technology. But why would you be interested in the thoughts of an admitted sometimes-dud.

Because I can tell you quickly what I learned and save you hours, days, weeks or more of lost motion. It’s painful me to say this, but true. I can share a few sentences here an there that represent the wisdom gained of hours of hard work gone sideways.

But why bother to listen to me? I’m not a programmer, and there are many people who can tell you in greater depth how a specific technology works.

True. But two things to keep in mind. First, I am a teacher who uses tech, and I’m interested in teaching you just enough to be dangerous. I also can and will share links and resources to the full-on propeller-heads who can lay it out for you in even greater detail. You see, I do read deeply, but sometimes, as one of my kids’ once said when working on a homework project. “Dad, I need a short answer, just enough to get this turned in on time.”

That was a big moment for me. Because I do love to talk and explain. The “hyper” in comes from the fact that I am hyperactive. I go all-in on learning stuff, sometimes working through the night until the (pardon me) “GD thing is working the way I want it to!”

So, even though I’m not a kid myself anymore, I still tend to latch on and power through things. This helps me learn a lot in a short time, but the reality is that, then, it often takes just a smidgen of time to do it again or, alas, explain it to you.

This has been my pattern for years, on topics as diverse as ham radio, advanced license WA6QWB, or journalism (life credential), multi- and new-media (served on a state-wide task force), and even in topics that range into the performing arts and debate. I’m a hyperactive generalist, holding both a BA in Communication and two Master’s Degrees in Speech and also in Recreation Management-Events.

So strap in. Look at the tags and keywords. Offer suggestions, Ask questions, and let me know what is helpful or that needs a better explanation.

Thanks for dropping by. We’re going to have fun, and put together some kick-ass websites.

Let’s get going.