Hyperactive-Humor – The Gift That Keeps Giving and Giving and Giving and Giving and…

Let my say up front that I’m here today, healthy and happy, because wonderful people were patient with the PIA kid that I was. Hyperactivity is hard, often, but properly directed, it can be a gift. Really. That’s the message of my “Problem Child” stories, and while they’re offered up in a playful, humorous manner, […]

The Hyperblogger.com

Yet another blog about blogging? Please, no! But, check it out. This blog has a very specific design philosophy and technical view. If you agree, then you should read on. If not, then do look elsewhere. It’s an entrepreneurial. That is, you should be able to beta-test something and bail or scale rapidly. Blogging should […]

The Hyperactive Club

Welcome to the landing page of TheHyperactiveClub.com, aka ClubHyperactive.com. The goal of this site is to offer support to people who are hyperactive, their friends and family, and to increase understanding of what it’s like to “live in their skin.” It can be challenging to be around hyperactive people, especially kids. But the reality is […]