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It’s been a long time in coming, but I finally started a Patreon account. Funny, in a way, that I’ve waiting. I’ve encouraged a number of artists to use this tool. And here’s that link

So why did I dawdle?

Well, for one thing, I hate asking for money. I had to do this when I worked in public relations for the Kern County Museum. It was hard, but it got easier because I realized support is about shared values. But what about direct support for a writer?

Good question.

I think my answer is that I hope my writing will uplift people who’ve been beaten down. Much of my work to date has been humor, but centered on the mindset of being ADHD. I try to poke fun at myself while still communicating what it’s like to be on the outs.

And that’s not really fun or funny.

But humor can help heal, and that’s why I think it’s worth plugging away. To date, I’ve yet to get picked up by a publisher. That means if I’m to keep at it, paying for websites and at-cost printing, I could use some help. So, it’s not so much that you’re handing fistfuls of cash to me, but rather to the effort that I’m about.

The other thing that is tricky for me is the tendency to talk about an idea, and then have it fizzle out. That’s embarrassing, but it happens sometimes. So, I tend to be a bit quiet about anything that’s not a sure bet or almost done. This may be a wise strategy, but it makes for long periods of silence, and it makes in hard to get some feedback along the way.

That’s why I finally decided to go with Patreon. I think I can share bits and pieces of what I’m up to, and see what resonates, and to have some fun and silly merchandise to share that will help grow awareness of my work.

In the end, I doubt that I’ll ever get rich from writing, but if I can make more friends, promote understanding between ADHD kids, parents, and teachers, and have some fun along the way, well, that would be golden.

And that’s what I hope to do.

I also plan on experimenting with longer-format books and projects and take my mind-set into the world of mystery and even science-fiction.

We’ll see how that goes. 🙂

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