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Today I’m submitting an application to Chico’s Enterprise Record for a periodic column as a “community voice.” If chosen, this means I’ll write 13 brief columns in 2021.

I thought long and hard about what sort of column I’d like to write that fit the needs of the paper and would be fun to write, too.

What I decided was to focus on my goals for 2021, to have an attitude of gratitude and to celebrate and uplift people who are making a difference. So, in that spirit, my proposal will be “Chico.Rocks – Our Unsung Heroes & Their Life Lessons.”

I’m fortune enough to have met, in my brief three-year time here, many people who are simply amazing. These heroes come from all walks of life. The roster includes businesspeople, many who work in non-profits, some who are spiritual leaders, a cadre of still others are academics or who seek to promote cultural events. In fact, my biggest problem will be picking just where to start!

I’m a sucker for uplifting biographies, and I think it’s important to nail down oral histories of those whom we admire. When I was teaching speech at Shasta College, one of my favorite assignments was to have students give shout-outs to those they admired. On the days those speeches were delivered, the audience often had goosebumps of excitement. Students who had not yet me one another would gather after the speeches to talk about their favorite coach, or teacher, or pastor.

These moments were affirming and helped us all appreciate one another, and our community, all the more. And the best parts of these speeches were the funny stories when “things went wrong,” but then worked out OK in the end. That, of course, is the essence of humor!

It would be presumptuous of me to assume that I’ll be picked, but if not, then I believe I’ll go on and blog about these amazing people as part of my “thank you, Chico” resolution of 2021. So, if my pitch is picked up, then I’ll be referring my blog followers to check out the articles and links in the ER and not posting them here. If not, then look for them here.

The ER’s format is so brief that I may not be able to include everything I’d like. If so, I may share some pictures or “the rest of the story.”

I’ll keep you all updated, and I’m open to learn about special people here in Butte County that I’ve yet to meet. Drop me suggestions at (Yes, that’s a real email address. 🙂 )

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